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Our tenderloins are cut into steaks and typically average between 8 and 10 ounces each (typically - may deviate). If interested in a whole tenderloin (~3-4 lbs), let us know. We don't always list our entire available inventory. If you would like to purchase more than is listed, please contact us.


The yak tenderloin, like that of their bovine cousins, is the most tender and sought after. As is the case with the steaks, low and slow is the way to go. Cook this prized piece of meat the same way you would a beef, bision, or venison tenderloin. Cook to medium rare and enjoy!



Yak Tenderloin

1 Pound
  • Yak tenderloin, small portions or whole.

  • Our products are vacuum sealed, frozen, and packed into an insulated, shippable container with frozen gel packs. We ship on Mondays to ensure the package does not get held inside a warehouse or trailer over the weekend. Packages typically deliver in 2-3 days but click here for a better approximation.

    Contact us for a shipping quote if the option is not available in the cart.

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