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We don't always list our entire available inventory. If you would like to purchase more than is available, please contact us.


Are you looking for the best of both worlds? Tacos on Tuesday and premade patties on the grill over the weekend! Sure you can make your own patties... but why waste the time when we went through the hassle for you! With this package you'll receive ten (10), 1lb packages of ground and five (5), ~1.3lb packages of yak patties (1/3lb each) for a total of ~16.5lbs.


We do not dilute any of our products with other meat such as pork. When you buy burger from Yak'N Radish Ranch, you are getting 100%, 92-97% fat free ground yak. It's great for tacos, chili, burgers and everything ground!



We recommend cooking our patties frozen and cook to medium rare. We've and have had great results cooking to an internal temperature of ~127F (more on the rare side of medium rare) or 135F (medium rare) and allowing the patties to rest for a few minutes while it finishes.

  • If grilling, place frozen patty on the grill on medium heat. For medium-rare, cook on one side roughly 5-7 minutes. Blood/Moisture will begin to come through the top. Flip the patty, season (salt, pepper, etc.), and cook roughly 3-4 minutes on the other side. Check temperature to ensure doneness and enjoy.
  • If on griddle, set to ~325F, repeat procedure from above.
  • If in a pan, temperature control is more difficult but try to follow the above instructions.



If you run out of the frozen patties and are making burgers from ground, we recommend adding one egg per pound to act as a binding agent due to yak's incredible leanness and cook to medium rare. We have had great results cooking to an internal temperature of ~127F, pulling the burgers from the grill/pan/griddle, and let it rest for a few minutes. An instant-read thermometer has never let me down!


Cooking Disclaimer

There are those in the health community that state ground meat/burger of all types (bison, beef, venison, etc.) should be cooked well done. In terms of burgers, we enjoy ours at medium rare and always have but you should cook to your comfort level.

Ground and Patty Combo

$170.00 Regular Price
$160.00Sale Price
1 Pound
  • 100% ground yak and each package is vacuum sealed. The ground yak come in 1lb packages and the patties consist of four (4), 1/3lb patties for a total package weight of ~1.3lbs.

  • Our products are vacuum sealed, frozen, and packed into an insulated, shippable container with frozen gel packs. We ship on Mondays to ensure the package does not get held inside a warehouse or trailer over the weekend. Packages typically deliver in 2-3 days but click here for a better approximation. Contact us for a shipping quote if the option is not available in the cart.

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